US confirms “Axact running 15 fake universities”

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By Web Desk June 17, 2015 16:25

US confirms “Axact running 15 fake universities”

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) sources have said that a list of Axact universities were handed over to the United States whose FBI has confirmed that they are bogus.

Sources have also stated that a FIA team will be arriving in Karachi to shift the software company’s owner Shoaib Shaikh to Islamabad.

It should be noted that fake degree cases against Axact have also been filed in Islamabad. Subsequently Shaikh is now expected to be shifted to the federal capital for investigation.

The federal investigation team will file a petition in one of Karachi’s local courts seeking transfer of the cases against Shaikh to Islamabad.



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By Web Desk June 17, 2015 16:25
  • Saleem Haq

    Seems quite ridiculous that the US had inducted many military personnel on these degrees when they desperately needed people to serve in their wars abroad. Didn’t the US administration know then that these degrees or universities were fake?

    US is the major player in recent history in killing millions of Muslims around the world, destroying their countries’ infrastructure, robbing their wealth and natural resources worth trillions, supplying killing addictives around the world, waging unconventional war on the people by spreading killer viruses and then supplying the related vaccines tainted with further chemicals that changes an individual’s DNA ……… etc. With all this on their hands it doesn’t fit a country like the US to tell us what is right and what is wrong! If they just get lost from our countries, this part of the world would again become inhabitable.

    I believe that Shoaib deserves a credit for at least bringing millions of dollars back in our country, which Pakistan needs seriously. There was a swift action against Shoaib and he was immediately taken in custody, not by the rangers, but by the orders of our ruling elites. Needless to say that this action must have sent the bells ringing in the public’s minds, because those who are involved in transferring billions of dollars of hard earned public money abroad are roaming freely without any hesitation or fear! Therefore the public is aware enough who the real traitors and criminals are?

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