Valentine’s Day: Top 7 marriage proposals rejected by girls in public

Have you ever planned to find your soul mate through random proposal on any of the Valentine’s Day you have been through? Well, don’t forget — love is mysterious, not a destiny.

When it comes to being an acquaintance with a person you love, it may not necessarily be synonymous at the other end too.

So, dont tempt your fate by making a wrong call.

We bring you top failed marriage proposals in public on Valentine’s Day.

7- Girl says NO and runs away

6- Everything was fine until the boy unveils a ring!

5- Oopps! boy jumped off the building

4- Embarrassment for another poor guy!

3- Wedding proposal gone totally fail !

2- Girl rejects a proposal with awkward weeping

1- Painful slap to a boy after “will you marry me?” call



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