VIDEO: Six Indian soldiers killed, one captured at LoC

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By Web Desk September 30, 2016 12:00

VIDEO: Six Indian soldiers killed, one captured at LoC

One Indian army soldier, identified as Chandu Babu Lal, has been captured as he tried to sneak into Pakistan territory along with 15 other armed personnel at Nakial Sector. However, prompt retaliation from the Pakistan Army forced the others Indian army men to run back. The army recovered explosives and arms from the arrested soldier.

Chandu Lal belongs to 37 Rashtriya Rifles. India claims that its soldier “inadvertently” crossed into the border.


Indian soldier, trying to sneak into Pakistan, has been captured alive.

India earlier claimed that it carried out “surgical strikes ” across the Line of Control, taking out several temporary shelters militants were preparing to use to cross over into the country. Pakistan military spokesperson categorically denied any such strike taking place and said India mischaracterized the cross-border firing just to ‘satisfy their public’.



VIDEO: Six Indian soldiers killed, one captured… by arynews



Web Desk
By Web Desk September 30, 2016 12:00
  • HajiLakarPhar

    Wow udaao saloon ko

  • india ho akbar

    4 yr old video of naxal encounter, already on you tube since four years.

  • Indian army

    Its 4 year old video of different operation.

  • aysh

    you fool, dont even check the video before showing. the video you are showing is present in youtube and is from 2014.

  • Jay

    Foolish media of foolish country.

  • Anonymous

    It is a 4 year old video of a naxal attack in Chhattisgarh.why are u people misguiding the residents.morever it is on YouTube.why do u people think u can defeat the 4th strongest army of the world,u are not even in top 10.If u don’t believe us then u can see the namaaz ae janaza of those dead terrorists

  • Rajan

    No any army martyr by the paki sena…You are lier

  • India bap hai pakiyo ka

    Paki madharchod hai…koi indian sena shahid nahi huaa.

  • Showing old videos which already in YouTube….why are you simply fooling your nation……!!!! Can your channel go to the ground zero and record your killed jawans and terrorists…..

  • If you admit it….you will be naked in front of the world…… your ISI created this Pakistani movie story….

  • Kanta Prasad suwar ki aulad ye dekh asali video,

  • Shar Dil

    Next Time Please dont even dare to kill our Brothers.

  • Anonymous

    Your message..urdu

  • ANONYMOUS why are u lying that we are not in top 10 even you know that our ARMY is no 1 from all around the world…….

  • Your message..indian media is a lairmachine the dead bodies of bloody indian soldiers were lying upto friday evening 15 dead in crosfiring from the reaction of brave army of pakistan sham for all indian lairs

  • anna fox

    lol,dont u feel shame as a media house to show 4 years old video, doesn’t it questions your credibility.

  • Arun Singh – A Loyal Pakistani

    Pagal indians tum logo ko indian dead bodies k sath khary huay Pakistan Army k soldiers nazar ni atay aqal k andhoo. 4 saal pehlay Pakistani Soliders ne kab indians ko mara tha bewakoofo. Ankhen kholo aur dekho k Pakistani Soldiers sath kharay hn indian soldiers k dead bodies k sath, ye esi LoC firing ke video hai

  • Haider

    Well Done Pak Army….Keep on doing great work.

  • Cyrusthegreat

    Thats what you get for trying to start war with pak.

  • indian

    its a fake video…you morons…your govt. making a fool of you…its
    an old video of naxal attacks in india…was uploaded in 2014..go check
    out…your media is fooling you people

  • your friend

    check this. seems they copied

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