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Walsh says ready to defend his ‘Axact’ story in court

LONDON: The New York Times (NYT) Pakistan Bureau chief Declan Walsh said on Wednesday that he is ready to defend his story regarding Pakistani IT firm ‘Axact’ if challenged in a court of law, ARY News reported.

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In an interview with BBC Urdu Service,The NYT journalist claimed that he has more evidence related to the story and will come up with it if challenged in a court of law.

Answering a question, Walsh said that as an investigative journalist it his right to hide his sources especially when there is a threat to one’s life or property.

“Same goes with the Axact employees who sign an undertaking when they join the firm that they will not disclose a single detail about their job”, claimed Walsh.

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The journalist maintained that he has talked to many of the IT firm’s former employees and all of their stories corroborate with each other.

When asked about the US FBI’s prospective probe into the matter, he said that he cannot tell if FBI will attempt a probe or not adding that the agency investigated some US firms in the past over fake degrees but no such move was initiated outside United States.

The journalist categorically denied the presence of firm’s media channel BOL’s rivals’ hands behind the story or its coverage while maintaining that it is not his or NYT’s concern if someone is using the story to further their own agenda.

It must be noted that a detailed NYT report published on May 18- written by Walsh outlined how Pakistani IT company Axact – referred to as the “secretive Pakistani software company” – allegedly earned millions of dollars from scams involving fake degrees, non-existent online universities and manipulation of customers.

Walsh was interviewed by BBC Urdu’s Broadcast Journalist Ahmen Khawaja.

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