Weather reporter forced to wear sweater live on air after public complaints

Imagine an anchor comfortably delivering a weather report and suddenly a message passed onto your ears over ‘inappropriate dress’ following public complaints during a live on-air telecast. How embarrassing it could be?

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That’s exactly what happened at a local Los Angeles news station after it forced a morning meteorologist to cover up with a cardigan live on-air when viewers complained about her sparkling black dress.



The reported named Liberte Chan was delivering the 8am weather report on Saturday when a grey cardigan suddenly popped into view.




‘What’s going on,’ she asks morning anchor Chris Burrous, who was off-camera as he held out the sweater. ‘You want me to put this on? Why? ‘Cause it’s cold?’



Tweets by anchor of the same channel KTLA.

‘We’re getting a lot of emails,’ he replies as Liberte puts on the cardigan, a confused look on her face. ‘There you go.’

It is debatable whether the channel could have waited until the next segment to have a quiet word.


Understandably, the way they handled things prompted even more emails and feedback on social media:

Emails viewers sent in included things like: ‘Looks like she stayed out late at a party and came to work in the same dress. Not appropriate for the morning weather report’.

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Weather reporter forced to wear sweater live on air after public complaints

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