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Zaeem says Mazari presented false evidences

LAHORE: The spokesperson of the Punjab Government, Zaeem Qadri has entirely turned down the images and footage presented by Dr Shireen mazari before media as evidence against Rana Sanaullah, ARY News reported.

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Zaeem Qadri vowed to consult courts regarding Shireen Mazari and other PTI leaders. He questioned if Tehreek-i-Insaf had the evidences of the Faisalabad unrest, then why these proofs were not presented earlier.

Qadri vowed to prove that PTI had forged these images.

In return to a question, the spokesperson of the Punjab Government said if the PTI protest in Lahore remained within the constitutional bounds, then it will be provided security by the government.

Earlier during a press conference in Islamabad, Dr Shireen Mazari had presented the images and footage of former PMLN nazims and councilors, involved in Faisalabad unrest and demanded the Punjab Government for their immediate arrest.

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Zaeem says Mazari presented false evidences

by Kashif Imran