US State Department had exposed Musharraf 15 years ago: Zardari

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By Web Desk September 4, 2015 20:07

US State Department had exposed Musharraf 15 years ago: Zardari

Asif Zardari released a statement on Friday in which he called for a probe into the alleged measures that Musharraf took, with regards to Kashmir.

Zardari slammed Musharraf and stated that during the general’s regime, Musharraf ignored the United Nations’ resolutions, which in turn caused immense harm to the Kashmir cause.

Zardari also said that the US State Department had exposed Musharraf fifteen years ago. He further said that Musharraf had tried to sell the rights of Kashmiris to India, against their wishes. Zardari said that this should be further investigated.

The former President also said that no other government had compromised on the issue of Kashmir. It must be borne in mind that the PPP co-chairman is these days in a self-imposed exile in Dubai. Zardari left the country after his infamous, thundering speech which was seen to be against the Pakistan Military.

Recently, the Pakistan Peoples Party have had their share of troubles with the Sindh Rangers, who have launched an operation against corruption. Most recently, a close confidant of Asif Ali Zardari, Dr Asim was arrested from his office in Clifton and presented in an Anti-Terrorism Court. Dr Asim is also a senior leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party.



Web Desk
By Web Desk September 4, 2015 20:07
  • Saleem Haq

    We care a damn about what the traitors are blabbering from either within Pakistan or from all the corners of the world ! We care only if someone does something good for Pakistan and Pakistanis!

  • Salma

    This man Zardari is a total idiot. Why did he not do anything for Kashmir when he was in power for 5 years?? He’s trying to divert attention from himself to others because he knows his turn is coming at the hands of military courts for his massive corruption charges.

  • Saleem

    Mr. Zardari don’t forget that it was Musharraf who provided you oxygen in shape of NRO so that you can breathe. And it was you who let the man go. So don’t try to play politics now.

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