Monday, September 26, 2022

10 reasons why Reham Khan is an ideal role model for women


Ever since PTI chief Imran Khan got hitched to anchorperson and ex-BBC presenter Reham Khan, Mrs Imran Khan has been part of the news time and again. Newfound interest in Mr Khan’s new bride surged through the nation, as people felt free to give their view on her.  We came up with a list of our own, ten reasons why we think Reham is an ideal role model for today’s Pakistani woman.

1. She worked day and night as a single parent to provide the best care for her children

In UK as well as in Pakistan, Reham struggled and strived to excel in her career as a journalist (which she ultimately did). Considering the fact that she was a single working mother, hats off to the lady for breaking her back but also fulfilling the basic motherly duties required of her. Reham has never shied away from admitting that her children come first no matter what. Despite her hectic schedule and gruelling hours, she still places special emphasis on her children’s upbringing.

2. Despite the odds, Reham has worked her way to the top in her chosen profession

Starting out as a BBC weather girl, Reham gave her blood, sweat and tears to be acknowledged as one of Pakistan’s leading journalists. Her presentation skills and well timed humor made a dreary subject such as climate, quite lively! From a weather girl, she went on to host highly rated political talk shows on three of Pakistan’s leading TV channels.

3. Reham looks good in every dress that she wears and carries herself well

Whether it be the traditional shalwar kameez or any sort of Western dressing that she tries out, Reham carries it in style! Her flamboyant personality combined with her astute sense of fashion, none stands equal to the ‘national bhabi’!

4. Despite living in the west for many years, she hasn’t forgotten her Pashtun culture and traditions

Reham Khan has always proudly proclaimed herself as a Pashtun female and on more than one occasion, praised the people belonging to that culture. Mrs Imran Khan will also be producing a Pashto film to pay tribute to renowned Pashto poet Khushal Khan Khattak.

 5. She is an educated woman, and knows the value of educating children in general 

Reham has a Bachelors degree in Education and later pursued a Masters degree in Sociology. However, she later switched to another course in journalism. Her independent mindedness in opting for the career of her choice deserves appreciation!

6. Reham rallies to her husband’s cause, even in dangerous territory! 

Remember the elections for NA-246 in Karachi? When Imran Ismail was being heckled whilst he campaigned for the elections, Imran Khan reached Karachi to back his candidate. And guess what? Reham followed suit, heading straight into the eye of the storm to buckle her husband. Women, take notes please!

7. While staying within the boundaries of her role as dictated by society, family, culture and tradition, she is able to assert herself and comes across as a determined thinking individual

While she stays by her husband’s side when he is seen in public, she is still able to hold her own, as she did on their recent visit to Karachi for the NA 246 bye-election.

8. Her unwavering will and dedication towards her cause

Reham Khan has always been an independent minded woman who has never shied away from publicly taking on her critics. On more than once occasion, Reham has stated that she does not back down from threats or slander campaigns. Check these Tweets out for yourself:-


9. Her endearing attitude towards the less fortunate

Following in the footsteps of her husband, Reham has stepped up her efforts to provide comfort and a better living standard to the poor. Her efforts and role in sheltering street children is worthy of praise.

10. Her simplicity promotes her elegance 

Whilst most women in Pakistan would settle for a lavish wedding, Reham and her husband spent their post wedding dinner (Valima) breaking bread with poor children at a Madressah. The couple also distributed food at Sweet Homes center in Islamabad. Way to go Reham Khan!


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