Monday, June 27, 2022

14 year old maid brutally assaulted in Lahore, hair trimmed, back slashed


LAHORE: In an appalling act of brutality against an underage girl, the lady of the house launched a brutal assault on a defenceless child and left her in a remote area of the city, ARY News reported on Thursday.

According to details, the child was working as a domestic help at a wealthy household in Lahore’s area of Defence where she was subjected to a brutal beatdown at the hands of the lady of the house who then trimmed her hair and also slashed her back with a knife.

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The girl was left at a remote site in the city and her parents were told to collect their child from it.

Parents of the victim claimed that the owners of the house had never paid the girl and also stopped her from meeting her family.

The parents said that their daughter was working as domestic help in the household since the past eight months.

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The lady of the house whose name was revealed to be Ayesha unleashed the barrage of assault on the minor after she insisted on meeting her mother, a statement recorded by the victim read.

A formal case was registered by the parents of the child resulting in the arrest of the perpetrator, Ayesha.


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