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Kero Blaster to release on PS4 on April 11


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Kero Blaster, the indie-Japanese shooter platform game will launch on PlayStation 4 on April 11, creator Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya announced on Tuesday.

Amaya is best known from Studio Pixel as the creator of Cave Story in 2004. Kero Blaster was released in 2014 for PC and iOS and this will be its first console launch.

Amaya said that moving from Cave Story to Kero Blaster has been an interesting transition in his life, from making smaller games and selling many copies of Cave Story.


Later, Amaya quit his job making printer software and a full-time game developer to eventually create Kero Blaster.

He said that Kero Blaster is the result of much trial and error, considering things like the restrictions of an iPhone touch panel, but is really proud of how it turned out.

Explaining the game mechanics, Amaya said that Kero Blaster is a linear side-scrolling action platform, rather a simple action game featuring a bipedal frog.


In contrast to the detailed exploration of Cave Story, in Kero Blaster the player simply proceeds right, encounters enemies, defeats the boss and moves on in a series of seven different stage types.

If the enemies feel too strong, players can power themselves at the stores located midway through the stages. The game is also designed so that players with less experience in action games can take on the challenge at their own pace.

There is also a new “Zangyou Mode” added to the game for action-game veterans who finish the game quickly and want more. It can be unlocked by beating the game once and is available in the PS4 version.

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