Wednesday, August 10, 2022

2MD: VR Football touches down on PS VR


Players who have a PlayStation VR in hand and are also an avid football fan are in luck as Truant Pixel have announced that that 2MD: VR Football is set to release on the virtual reality platform.

2MD is a motion-controlled two-minute drill arcade experience that allows players to stand up and take on the role of a quarterback tasked with capturing victory in the final minutes of a championship game.

Maher Al-Samkari, President Truant Pixel, while making the announcement on the official PlayStation Blog, said they have built a unique throwing model which allows for natural form in VR.

It is also customised for players of all sizes, for either standing or seated play, utilising Move motion tracking to create an experience that is truly the first of its kind for PlayStation.

“The idea for 2MD came about after we first experienced room-scale virtual reality: we were motivated to create an engaging, physically active experience that would best utilize the technology and the available space, even when the room to move around might be limited,” he said.

However, the experience had to be fun in a way that was natural, quick to learn, but challenging to master; kind of like… throwing a ball.

2MD is unique to PS VR in several ways. In addition to realistic passing, players can also hand off the ball to a runner, or even run the ball themselves.

Since players have freedom to design their own offensive plays (up to eight unique ones that can be dynamically ‘flipped’ for 16 total), they’re in complete control of the strategy before taking the field.

Once there, players can call audible using either standard digital controls, or using speech recognition if they choose which requires a creative strategy.

The defensive AI is deceptively simple at first, but quickly becomes complex as players progress through the seven-round heat. Defenders have unique behaviours that will vary from one play to the next and may act individually or respond as a group.

As a result, no two plays will turn out the same. The defense will continue to get better at responding to the player’s strategy, so they should be ready to change if they want to earn that championship ring.

In addition to building from the ground-up for PSVR, the game developers have enlisted the talents of professional voice actors like Sung Won Cho as coach, Xander Mobus of Persona 5 and Super Smash Bros as the announcer, and David Wald to voice some of the players.

The PS VR release of 2MD also features music by up-and-coming Hip-hop artist K. Carter, whose fight song “Down the Field” plays during the championship game.

The eight-plus immersive stadiums with unique touchdown celebrations and thousands of screaming fans, customisable teams, and rapid-fire post-game bonus rounds allow players to exponentially increase their score, and more.

In a nutshell, 2MD is simple to pick up, easy to get into, but with a deeper strategy and challenge beneath the surface for both casual and serious football fans alike.


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