Sunday, May 22, 2022

Four superfruits packed with health benefits


Fresh Figs:

When it comes to health benefits figs are better than banana. Only six fresh figs contain 891 mg of potassium that helps in lowering blood pressure. A research from Netherlands suggests that high potassium diets are linked with lowering the rates of death in adults age 55 and above no matter what the causes of death are. Figs are also a good source of calcium and it gives a boost to your bones.


A study in France tested all the fruits to find out their health benefits, it proves that lychee has the second highest amount of heart-healthy polyphenols that is even more than the amount found in grapes which is known as the power house of polyphenols. These compounds play an active role in protecting cells from damage. Lychees are very helpful in preventing degenerative disease like cancer and specially breast cancer.


Nothing can be better than guava for skin, it is even better than oranges. The amount of skin-healing calcium in guava is five times more than the amount oranges have. It is also heard that women who eat guava have fewer wrinkles than the women who don’t eat it. It also gives bacteria busting powers.


Papaya is a super fruit it is packed with many health benefits. This fruit is the top source of beta-cryptoxanthin a suggested thing that can protect against lung cancer. Papaya is also a rich source of lycopene like watermelon. It is also known as a healing agent as it offers speed burn recovery and it also aids in digestion. So try this fruit that is packed with unlimited health benefits.



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