Sunday, May 29, 2022

An evening with Zia Mohyeddin


At the last day of the 5-day, 6th International Urdu Conference organized by the Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi Chapter, renowned actor and stage director, Zia Mohyeddin’s appearance greatly pleased the attendants of the ceremony and the last event of the conference.

While addressing the ceremony, Zia referred to the transcripts of different poets and writers, since the time of evolution of the Urdu literature.


While reading a piece of writing, which was about the creation of women, Zia Mohyeddin with his unmatched delivery of words and interesting expressions gripped the audience in such a way that everybody got lost in the elegance of the writing.

He further made a piece of Ibn e Insha’s writing the topic of his discussion, which was about naming the child. The audience also enjoyed it a lot.

Zia’s book “Theaterics” is an authentic book on theatre and the art of direction. This book is used at various institutes as a reference, where there the students are taught theatre and film production.

At the end of the ceremony, Arts Council of Pakistan (Karachi) president, Ahmed Shah presented a flower bouquet to the renowned art director.



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