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When a civilization declines, everything wipes out with it: Mustansar Hussain


The Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi Chapter is hosting the a 5-days, 6th International Urdu Conference here in Karachi. At the 2nd day of the conference, the Arts Council organized a ceremony named as “Aiytraaf-e-Kamal” in recognition of the literary services of a renowned travelogue and novel writer Mustansar Hussain Tarrar, ARY News reported.

During the ceremony, prominent novel writer Abdullah Hussain and travelogue writer Raza Ali Abidi expressed their views on the services of the literary icon.

Abdullah Hussain said that travelogue and novel writing are two different genres of literature and Tarrar’s art is to unify both these, he labelled the character of “Paroshi” in Tarrar’s novel “Bahao” as the most influencing female character in the history of Urdu literature.


Famous travelogue writer Raza Ali Abidi said that he knows Mustansar Hussain Tarrar since long ago when there happened that a traffic constable refused to challan him. He further mentioned that Tarrar is a versatile writer and he is regarded as a reference to Pakistan and Urdu literature on international level. He is one of the very few Urdu writers, who are being taught to the students in the universities beyond the borders.

Mustansar Hussain Tarrar, while addressing the audience said, “whatever I wrote, I was meant to write all that”.

According to him, his novel “Bahao” sybolizes his writings out of many of his other masterpieces e.g. Pyar Ka Pehla Sheher, Khas o Khashaak, London se Moscow, Raakh and many such more.

He added that novel like “Bahao” can never be written again.

Mustansar said that every writer has his own canvas, based upon his own surroundings and natural atmosphere. He told that his ancestors belonged to Punjab and he has himself lived in Punjab as well as Europe, so rivers are a basic component of his writing, e.g.: Raakh depicts river Raavi while “Bahao” depicts a mythical river  “Sarasvati”.

He said that the jungles, stones and rivers inspire him and this is why he presents these as a character in his travelogues.

The renowned literary icon told that all of his twelve travelogues are based upon stones and rivers.

Talking further about rivers as his aesthetic source of inspiration Tarrar said, “rivers have got their own voice and prophesy, they talk to me as they used to talk with “Sidhaarta”.

He said that he is neither a draftsmen nor a reporter, he analyses things which he observed and then craft them in his own way.

Mustansar Hussain Tarrar is an uncrowned prince regarding the creation of female characters. While quoting Abdullah Hussain’s comment on “Paroshi”, Tarrar said that every man has a women inside him and the ratio between masculinity and feminity is 70:30, but in his case this ratio is 60:40 and this is a reason that he crafts female characters in accordance with the natural feelings of the women.

He added that male writers deprived of feminist feelings, can either craft women as lovers or prostitutes, nothing else.

He emphasized on the need of research for novel writing and told that for his novel “Bahao”, he found out ancient words of Daravari language from Barahvi and Punjabi, to express the linguistics of those ancient times.

While talking about the theme of his novel “Raakh” he said his inspiration was taken by a person, he met, who had some psychological problems and then he laughed and told that all the people coming to meet him have some psychological problems because a writer himself is an abnormal person. Normal people cannot observe things in wide spectrum and they are unable to mold something very creative.

He finished speech saying that he had observed the downfall of the civilization many years ago and since then he has been trying to aware his readers about this fact.

Tarrar said people before us (Harrapan and Gandharan) had the same perception that they are the last civilization but when civilization declines all the characteristics and beliefs of that civilization also vanish and even their god.


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