Sunday, November 28, 2021

5 most common misconceptions of winters


1. You should not exercise outside: A common myth is you should not exercise in cold as it will not do any good. According to a research exercise in cold is really help in burning calories as in cold temperature race times are faster and quicker. Plus workout in cold takes more energy which can spike your endorphin levels, which will make the brain sharper.

2. Winter wind can make you sick: You can’t actually get sick with the common winters as the cells that fight infection in our body increase when you go out into the cold. So it’s never the cold to be blamed for infections it depends on your body’s way of combating the freezing temperature. That is the reason that not everyone fall sick in winters, those who have more stamina to bear lower temperatures do not get ill in winters.

3. You don’t need sunscreen in the winter: There is common myth that we do not need to use sunscreen in winter as it’s already too cold. But in reality the earth’s surface come closer to the sun during winter months and we get exposed to more harmful rays due to that. According to the experts snow and ice can both reflect up to 80% of harmful UV rays so that they can hit the skin twice and that can lead to severe skin diseases.

4. Winters cause hair loss: It is one of the common misconceptions that we face hair loss in winters and no reason has ever been given. According to a research conducted in Switzerland you lose more hairs in summer comparatively winters.  You need to see how thick the furs of dogs get in winter. There is no doubt that scalps get dry due to cold temperature and they grow unhealthy and breakable hairs but you can get rid of it by protecting your scalp with oiling and good conditioning.

5. Oranges can severe the sickness: Everyone says to avoid eating oranges when you get scratchy throat and stuffy nose in winters as it can severe the sickness. In reality oranges are good source of vitamin C and it can provide you a portion of your daily allowance of vitamin C that will help you maintain healthy immune system to prevent cold. Taking a large dose of vitamin C can actually reduce the severity of cold. So eat oranges in winters.


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