Tuesday, August 9, 2022

500 Pakistanis stuck in Saudi Arabia for failing to obtain Iqama


According to details, 500 expatriate Pakistanis have stuck in Dammam because of uncompromising behavior of a Saudi company. The expatriates have been being forced to live in a camp for six months, which has worsened their lives.

Four of the expatriates have lost their lives in the camp. They have run out of food and medicines. If they anyhow are saved from starvation, they would die of diseases. They cannot move out of the area because of unavailability of permission letter.

Paksitani embassy does not seem to help the poor people. A Pakistani citizen made appeal to the PM through ARY News channel and said they had not got salary for the past six months. He said the company told them that it had no money to pay their salaries


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