Tuesday, June 28, 2022

550 Pakistani nationals living in Bhopal on long-term visa


Organisations of Pakistani Hindus claim those who go missing from the city are mostly non-Hindus.

“Those overstaying or missing are mostly non-Hindus. Hindus normally apply for extension and for long-term visa.

As of now there are around 4000 applications for either long term visa (LTV) or permanent citizenship, the issues which are pending with the government,” Bhagwandas Sabnani, state president of Bhartiya Sindhu Sabha, a group of Hindus who have migrated from Pakistan ..
He added, “In case of visa expiry, everyone from the community helps the family to apply and procure the LTVs.”

“The influx has increased after the government has shown positive attitude towards Hindus migrating from Pakistan but these people don’t go missing, they adhere to law on the land,” Sabnani said.


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