Saturday, January 22, 2022

A group scams people using Pakistan’s most famous game show’s name Jeeto Pakistan


Peshawar: From parliamentarians to the general public, a scam the entire public seems to have fallen prey to. 

Pakistan’s famous game show, Jeeto Pakistan’s name is being used to fool the entire country into losing their money. An unknown group is sending texts to random people claiming that they have won prizes in the game show. For the prize people are asked to contact on a certain number and pay a certain amount.

People’s Party MNA, Night Aurakzai speaking of her experience, said:  “I was very happy that I would get bangles made from 10 kilos gold and keep it for my daughter and the car I would use for myself and sell the car I have right now. I saw so many dreams. But then we found out it was all a fraud. There are people who take 30,000 rupees and fool people. Just think about it, if they are making a fool out of us parliamentarians, fooling the public is no big deal for them.”

Fahad Mustafa, on his show Jeeto Pakistan clearing out the air said:

“It is your hard earned money, from our show no such message or thing can go to anyone.” Beware!


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