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A list of the six most outrages pizzas of 2018


In 2018, people are really taking that concept to new heights. Some pizza trends this year are relatively tame, like adding a sauce you usually find on salad to list of acceptable toppings.

Others well they are a little bit wilder, to say the least…

Here are six of the most outrageous, over the top, or otherwise unexpected pizzas we’ve found this year!

Ranch Pizza

At Ranch Pizza in Portland, they do exactly what it says on the tin: Add ranch dressing to every slice of pizza they serve.

The Pizza Vending Machine

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Yes, pizza is one of the fastest foods there is. Stop by the local pizzeria, grab a slice (and wait for it to be heated up if you have a few extra seconds) and be on your way. Apparently, that process could be sped up even more. Enter the Pizzametry pizza vending machine. With the simple push of a button, you can order an eight-inch pizza made from fresh dough in under four minutes.

Pizza Inception

When you’re eating a slice of pizza, do you ever feel like it could use…more pizza? No, the solution is not to grab another slice, it’s to have extra pizza on top of your pizza. Thanks to Rudy’s Pizza in Kansas, that dream became a reality. Earlier this year the pizza shop cooked up a pizza topped with tinier slices of pizza. Unfortunately, it was just a one-time creation.

The Gummy Pizza

No one asked for it, but oh boy It’s the world’s largest gummy pizza. This candy pizza is made from fruit flavored gummy candy and yes, it is fully edible. Derek, “The Gummy Bear Guy,” created the pizza with own two hands, using orange-flavored gummy candy for the crust, strawberry-banana for the cheese, mango for the banana peppers, green apple for the olives, and cherry for the pepperoni.

The Pizza With the Caramel Dome

Industry Kitchen is known for its mind-blowing pizza creations. There’s the dessert pizza, made with meringue and sweet ricotta, which is topped by a dome of spun sugar. As soon as it comes to your table, the waiter sets the dome on fire, melting the sugar into a sweet caramel topping. There’s also the sprinkles and cotton-candy topped rainbow unicorn pizza, which really stretches the definition of what pizza can be.

24-karat gold pizza

The most extravagant of all these pizza variations, though, is probably the  $2,000 24-karat gold pizza. It’s made with squid ink dough, and the toppings include foie gras and caviar. But Mark Iacono, of Brooklyn’s Lucali, deemed it “not really a pizza” earlier this year, so pizza purists might not be impressed.

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