Sunday, August 14, 2022

Abdullah’s father asked to seek legal custody through courts


Four-year-old Abdullah was brought to the Edhi Centre after a man named Rizwan claimed that he found him at the Do Darya area in Phase 8 of DHA.

A few days later a body of a woman named Haleema was founded from Delhi Colony who was said to be the mother of Abdullah. It was later known that Rizwan has bought a flat for her on rent. It is also alleged that Rizwan had murdered Haleema.

As the news spread, his father and step-brother reached the Edhi Centre today from Mansehra. They said that his father had married another women and so could not have come earlier.

The father Chaudhry Iqbal was told by spokesman of the Edhi Centre Saad Edhi that Abdullah would only be handed over to him after seeking legal custody from the court.

Abdullah appeared nervous  when this father and step-brother came to collect him and he was hesitant in going with them.

Later while speaking to the media, his father Chaudhry Iqbal said that he did not know Rizwan. His son, Ansar Iqbal said that his father had secretly married Haleema.

Bilquis Edhi said that the maternal grandmother of Abdullah had said he would be killed if handed over to his father. She said that the court would decide if he would be handed over to his father or grandmother.


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