Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Accountability Court to resume hearing of flagship reference today


ISLAMABAD: An accountability court to resume hearing of flagship reference on Friday,  against deposed Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, filed by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on the orders of the Supreme Court.

Judge, Arshad Malik will preside over the proceedings, while senior Sharif’s counsel Khawaja Haris will continue cross examination of Panama JIT head, Wajid Zia.

Yesterday, during hearing of the reference in the accountability court, Wajid Zia while responding to the questions of  Mr Haris, said the original copies of source documents acquired from Gorneka presented in the court showed that Nawaz Sharif had worked there as marketing manager and chairman board.

He said Hassan Nawaz had told the JIT that the financial statements of flagship were prepared by his accountant but he was not included in the JIT probe.

He said Hassan Nawaz had also told the JIT that he had arranged the money for FZE and the same amount was later on handed over to Quint Paddington Ltd.

Mr Zia informed the court that he had not mentioned in the report that Hassan Nawaz was owner of Capital FZE established by him and Nawaz Sharif was receiving money from the company.

He further said according to Jabel Ali Free Zone (Jafza) documents Nawaz Sharif was an employee of Capital FZE and another document showed that he worked as the chairman board.

Haris asked Wajid Zia to tell the court what the real task he had accomplished.

Wajid Zia became enraged and said if the word ‘tampering’ had become an issue of life and death then ‘you must do it’.

It may be recalled that on October 12, the top court extended the deadline to wrap-up two corruption references (Flagship, Al-Azizia) against former prime minister, Nawaz Sharif by November 17.


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