Thursday, February 2, 2023

Actor Hugh Jackman Takes The Kiki Challenge


Thousands of social media users, including celebrities such as Will Smith, have been posting footage of themselves doing silly dances to the tune of a song.

The viral dance challenge is known as the ‘Kiki Challenge’.

Also known as “In My Feelings challenge”, the Kiki challenge involves jumping out of moving car and dancing alongside it to Drake’s hit “In My Feelings” while the car continues moving.

‘Wolverine’ actor Hugh Jackman, however, gave a different and more daring touch to the trend as he attempted this underwater.

Here is the video

While youth are following the trend like crazy, saner voices have urged the people not to attempt this challenge for puts their life at risk and is also in violation of all traffic laws.

Here is a post from Indian politician and scholar Shashi Tharoor.



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