Monday, November 29, 2021

Pakistanis troll Adnan Sami in an entirely unique fashion after anti-Pakistan tweet


“Pakistan must thank Adnan Sami Khan today who has been an under-cover agent in India for so many years and provided intelligence to our armed forces making it possible for us to destroy two Indian Air Force planes,” reads a hilarious tweet by a Pakistani journalist posted in the aftermath of recent Pakistan-India tensions.

Another Twitter user replies to the tweet with a meme from an Indian movie in which Akshay Kumar angrily scolds his fellow actor by saying “Zor Zor Se Bol Ke Sabko Scheme Bataa De” (Okay shout! tell everyone about our plans”.

This wasn’t the only way Pakistanis trolled the now-Indian singer Adnan Sami over his anti-Pakistan tweet after the Indian claim of airstrikes inside Pakistan.

As his tweet after the February 26 violation of Pakistani airspace by Indian Air Force was full of abuses and hate for Pakistan- which was once his own country – so Pakistani trolls perhaps thought a straight reply will not silence him so this time they trolled him in an entirely different manner.

Almost all the Facebook pages run by Pakistanis and the Pakistani Twitterati started terming him Pakistan’s undercover agent in India (thereby endangering his peaceful stay in the neighbouring country)..

The most hilarious tweets and memes were posted after Pakistan’s retaliatory action on February 27 and people are still trolling the singer who they think is an attention seeker who is not creating music but hateful tweets.

One Twitter user even urged others not to blow his cover.

“Why do you guys are hell bent on blowing his cover? He is doing an amazing job.. Don’t create problems for him,” wrote Ali Salman Alvi.

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