Monday, August 15, 2022

Adnan Sami allowed to stay in India for ‘indefinite’ period


Adnan Sami Khan will not be losing sleep anytime soon, since the famous Bollywood singer has been granted stay in India for an indefinite period. Adnan Sami, whose Pakistani passport had expired in May, had requested the Indian authorities not to deport him from the country on humanitarian grounds. It is pertinent to mention that Adnan Sami could have been deported since his Pakistani passport had not been renewed by the Pakistani government.

Adnan Sami

The singer has also sought Indian citizenship, a senior home ministry official said the “issue is not under consideration”. The reason Pakistani authorities did not renew Adnan Sami’s passport was due to the fact that he had been involved in an old marital dispute with his second wife, Sabah Galadari, a UAE citizen. The couple divorced in 2012, and Sami is now married to Roya Faryabi, his third wife.

Adnan Sami’s latest rendition of famous Qawwali Bhar De Jholi from the mega-hit Salman Khan flick Bajrangi Bhaijaan . The song won him, along with controversy, many hearts from the Indian film industry.

Centre invoked its discretionary powers under the Foreigners Act to grant him immunity from deportation. The foreigners division of the home ministry allowed his appeal based on his “good conduct” through his stay in India, while saying that any marital issues faced by him were entirely his personal matter.

Adnan Sami’s passport which had been issued on May 27, 2010 expired on May 26 2015.  Ever since arriving in India from 2001, Adnan Sami’s visa has been extended from time to time.



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