Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Afghan intelligence officials continue to harass Pakistani diplomats


ISLAMABAD: Despite many assurances by the Afghan foreign ministry, intelligence officials continued to harass Pakistani diplomats on the eighth consecutive day on Friday in Kabul, said sources.

In the latest episode of harassment,  some vehicles of Afghan security officials, without bearing a registration number plate, hit the vehicles of Pakistan’s embassy in Kabul and harassed the diplomatic officials, said sources.

The diplomatic sources said that the security officials were likely the members of Afghan spy agency and they deliberately hit the vehicles of Pakistani embassy.

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Earlier on November 6, Pakistani diplomats continued to be harassed by intelligence officials in Kabul and its sub-missions on the 5th consecutive day even after Pakistan conveyed its concerns to Afghanistan.

In a video, an armed man could be seen coming out from his car and walking near the vehicle of Pakistani diplomats.

The Foreign Office had summoned Afghan Charge d’Affairs and conveyed serious concerns over the safety and security of the diplomatic personnel of the Embassy of Pakistan in Kabul.

According to a statement issued by Pakistan’s Foreign Office, Pakistani diplomats had been obstructed by Kabul officials on roads, often hit by anonymous motorcycles while heading towards the Pakistani Embassy from their residencies in the capital city.


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