Sunday, August 7, 2022

After ‘Chaiwala’, meet the ‘Burgerwala’


KARACHI: Social media is said to be the new medium of making people famous. After the sensation that was “Chaiwala”, a “Burgerwala” has become the next big thing on the internet.

Eighteen-year old Shah Fahad, who used to sell bun-kababs at a shop in Rawalpindi’s Ayub Park, was discovered by an avid social media user and ARY News staffer Syed Raza Mehdi, who was conducting a live session on Facebook.

In an interview, Mehdi said that Fahad sent his picture which he tweeted and the “Burgerwala” had no clue it will become viral so quickly.

The social media user added that he quit his job as he wants to pay attention towards his education. He will be enrolling in 9th grade.

“Fahad told me he quit. He said that he left his job at the burger stall to pursue his studies since he will soon be enrolling in grade 9,” Mehdi said.

He added, “I asked him to go back to the park and record a message from his stall, and he did so. Even if he is telling half the truth, and does not work at a burger stall, why do we feel the need to criticize everything and everyone.”

It should be noted that tea merchant named Arshad Khan with velvet eyes saw his life changed recently when his portrait spread around the internet, sparking ardent debates on class and objectification in the society.


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