Friday, December 2, 2022

#AikZarooriBaat That We Need To Teach All Our Children


Open and honest communication between parents and their kids is mandatory from an early age. If open communication seems usual and safe, kids are more comfortable to tell parents about all trials of young age, such as being bullied, school punishments, who are their friends, as well as what conversations do they have with their friends, teachers or cousins.

Beginning this kind of talk early and continuing that talk as the child grows is the best education strategy. It keeps parents from having one big, and usually uncomfortable conversation as the child reaches adolescence. These conversations are easy to be initiated when they are explained out of a life experience, or maybe by other virtual means like videos and images.

Knorr in Pakistan has introduced its #AikZarooriBaat campaign to help parents introduce such topics to children. The brand has developed a series of two simple and easy to understand videos which explain to children how to stay safe. Chuck & Chatty – the brand’s well-liked animated mascots – deliver the message in a very clear and concise manner that will appeal to kids and capture their attention.

The first one talks about the difference between good & bad touch. It tells children that they should resist and immediately report any kind of touch that feels even slightly uncomfortable to them.

The second one explains why strangers should never be trusted. It tells kids who a stranger is and how they should never go anywhere with them, talk to them or even accept offerings (gifts, candies, etc.) from them.

Chuck and Chatty also end both videos by encouraging children to immediately report such incidents without any hesitation and asking parents to trust and listen to their children. Such an open atmosphere is imperative to give children the confidence to talk to parents about anything that maybe bothering them.

If parents talk with their children about such topics, they can at least be sure that their children are getting the correct chunk of information. Understanding correct stuff can protect our children from various risks as they grow up since they are most vulnerable to endangerment. Hence let’s all vow to talk to our children regarding their safety and create safe environments for them all.


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