Sunday, October 2, 2022

WATCH: ‘Flying car’ takes first test flight


A vehicle has been developed in Slovakia which can transform itself from a car to an actual airplane within three minutes.

The vehicle, named Air Car, took its first test flight of late, flying 1500 feet in the air. A Slovak company, called Klein Vision, posted a video showing a futuristic-looking white car being driven down the runway.

It pulls up after some time and its wings start to come out from the vehicle. Then it takes off and soars into the air.

This invention was the brainchild of Professor Stefan Klein. The car is a two-seater and weighs about 2,425 pounds (1099 kg) and can carry around 440 pounds (200 kg) of additional load.

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The vehicle needs a special runway that is around 984 ft for hassle-free take-off and landing.

A famous BOEING expert, Dr Branko Sarh, said the ‘Air Car’ has excellent features and is extremely spacious inside the cockpit as well. The company plans to put the flight on sale within the next six months.


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