Monday, August 15, 2022

WATCH: Aishwarya Rai completely ignores media as daughter Aaradhya meets friends


It has been a while since Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan have become touchy about their daughter.

This all started when Aishwarya in an event while commemorating her late father’s birth anniversary got angry over rowdiness of paparazzi covering the event which scared Aaradhya. Later, they decided to keep media away from Aaradhya.

In a recent event the couple got angry over media for clicking Aaradhya’s pictures, while she was returning after attending an annual event at her school in Mumbai. Their mothers Jaya Bachchan and Vrinda Rai were also accompanying them on this occasion.

This time Aishwarya Rai completely ignored the media who were taking photos while Aaradhya was seen saying goodbye to her friend and hugging her while leaving for home after taking family dinner at an unidentified hotel.

The Bollywood diva looked stunningly beautiful in black dress and her daughter in pink frock was so cute, while the junior Bachchan was wearing casual dress.

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The media persons kept chanting Ash’s name but it fell on deaf ears. Abhishek was also present on this occasion. The only importance the young Bachchan family gave to the media-men was a wave of hand by Aishwarya before taking seat in the car while Abhishek was holding door for her.




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