Thursday, October 6, 2022

Ali Noor makes his Bollywood debut–croons ‘Girha’ for upcoming movie


It has been quite some time that Noori has made Pakistani teenagers sway to the sound of their upbeat pop-rock music. The Pakistani band’s member Ali Noor has sung his first ever song for a Bollywood flick. The name of the song is Girha and the movie for which it has been sung is named Dear Dad.

For the song, Noor collaborated with composers Raghav & Arjun and that too, in a night-long session of Skype! According to a local report, Ali Noor revealed how he had been in Lahore and the composers had been in Mumbai when they had had their Skype session to record the song.

“It was a brilliant session and we know Noor gave it his heart and soul,” said Raghav. “When we recorded the song for the film we wanted something fresh and non-commercial, a voice that was raw, earthy and added a character of its own to the song. We were looking at voices in India and we had options but nothing fit. Then we remembered Noori’s Saari Raat Jaagawhich is our favourite,” he finished.

Ali Noor was particularly anxious about the reception the song would get and stated that he was waiting with baited breath since it was someone else’s creative song and he had added to it.

“I’ve never done anything like this before so I don’t feel like I’ve completed anything. It’s about someone else’s work being completed and my anticipation related to it,” he said.

Dear Dad is a coming-of-age movie that focuses on a father and his son’s relationship, is directed by Tanu Bhramar. The movie will be released on May 6.


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