Monday, August 15, 2022

Ali Sethi joins Black Lives Matter rally in New York


Popular Pakistani singer Ali Sethi was spotted at a Black Lives Matter rally in New York over the weekend.

The killing of an unarmed African-American man George Floyd by a policeman in Minnesota sparked protests across the globe.

Taking to Instagram, Sethi shared his experience and recited Faiz at the protest.

“I know it’s purple, but I can’t resist (or rather, it’s the way to resist): chanting Faiz’s protest poem ‘Aaj Bazaar Mein’ (‘Let’s March in the Streets’) in New York City,” he wrote.

“Black Lives Matter—and demanding reform is an expression of LOVE for a country,” the singer said.

A fan questioned him about why he does not take part in various protests that are carried out in Lahore. Sethi responded by saying that he has taken part in several protests in Pakistan, be it online or offline.

He urged people to try to do their bit whenever and wherever they can, instead of policing one another for sufficient displays of outrage.

Actor Zara Noor Abbas commented on his post and wrote “Preach.”


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