Thursday, August 18, 2022

‘Alien-like’ sea creature at beach leaves people stunned


The people were stunned when they came across pictures of an ‘alien-like’ sea creature that got washed up on Maroochydore Beach in Queensland state in Australia. 

A picture of the eerie creature shows it having four limbs. It had a tail along with a skull that that of a reptile. A baffled local by the name of Alex Tan saw it.

Alex Tan, speaking with a foreign news agency, said he was calling it an alien after uploading the picture online. 

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“It was just after we had all that stuff washed up on beaches from the floods,” he said. “Its hands were really weird. I’m just calling it an alien.”

He added, “I’m excited to hear what it would be.”

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He thought of it to be a possum at first but still, he could note figure out what the alien-like creature actually is. He is treating the person to a chicken parmigiana at the pub if they could assist him in identifying it.

He said: “I want to put the deal out there – if it’s not a possum I will shout that person a chicken parmy.”

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It turned out to be a Pacific Footballfish. It lives in deep parts of the ocean where fish are made to evolve through lanterns for the navigation of shadowy.

It is categorized into the anglerfish family which comprises more than 300 species. The size of the sea creature, that was found on the shore, was 45cm. 


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