Thursday, June 30, 2022

PM Nawaz has no moral grounds to rule Pakistan: Imran Khan


PTI Chairman, addressing a rally in Lahore, demanded PM Sharif to resign as the premier is not morally obliged to rule the country. He added that cases of tax evasion, corruption, money laundering and lying to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) are filed against him.

He stated that the whole nation becomes corrupt when their leader himself is corrupt. He asked, “How a country, rich with natural resources, can be develop if its ruler is corrupt?”

“Rulers in the west are not allowed to set up their own business because they only think of their own benefit,” PTI chairman said.

“Corruption is like termite which is damaging to the country. The nation does not know the dangers of it,” he added.

He said that Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital (SKMCH) brought a MRI machine for Rs. 40 crore but the same machine was brought for a government hospital for Rs. 60 crore and a commission of Rs. 20 crore were made.

The PTI chairman added that Rs. 11 billion were spent from the national treasury for the construction of Raiwind estate. He went on to say that 2700 police officers are deployed for security purposes there.

He his party won’t allow corruption to take place in the name of privatization. He went on to state the management of the state institutions will be improved.

Recalling an incident, Khan said that he once visited a factory which used to produce export quality international football. “When I asked the owner of the factory as to how it was running so successfully, he replied that he provided every facility to his workers,” Khan added.

The PTI Chairman said that laborers are being forgotten in the country. He added that all the promises being made to them will be fulfilled. Khan went on to state said that he will start taking steps for the laborers when he gets done with the Panama Leaks issue.

Khan said that 2.2 million people in the country are unemployment. He added that 1.5 million people were unemployed last year.

People had gathered at the rally venue in large number to express support for their party.

Meanwhile, after mistreatment of women at a public gathering in Islamabad, PTI had decided to deploy ‘bouncers’ at its Lahore rally to avoid any untoward incident.

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A bouncer is an unarmed burly man deployed at private and public gatherings to control crowds. Bouncers worldwide are required to have strong built, bear good character and not addicted to the use of drugs to say the least.

The PTI chief had also issued directives to ensure that the women activists and supporters remain at a safe distance from male participants in order to avoid mistreatment of anyone.

Following the episode in Islamabad, PTI leader Uzma Kardar had complained to party chairman Imran Khan about mistreatment doled out to her by party activists.


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