Friday, May 20, 2022

Depp gets support from Heard’s parents in ongoing trial? Here’s the truth!


Amber Heard’s parents, Paige and David Heard lend support to former son-in-law Johnny Depp amid the defamation trial.

Recently, a couple of screengrabs from an old text conversation emerged on the internet, where the parents of the ‘Aquaman’ actor admitted that the ‘domestic abuse’ claims by their daughter against the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star were made up Heard’s lawyers and were not true.

The conversation between Heard’s late mother Paige and Johnny dated back to 2016. “It’s the lawyers on both sides doing this not Amber,” read one of the texts sent by Heard. “I heard the whole story very teary—if I could just talk to Johnny. She didn’t want this. Friggin lawyers on BOTH sides!! This was not her idea, not her wishes. She was told she would be evicted and out in 30 days if she did not do this.”

“Her dumb lawyer possibly as the only way she would have a place to live in 30 days. She DID NOT want to do this I swear to you. The lawyers are frigging things up,” she wrote in the following message.

Heard even urged the former son-in-law not to use their conversation as a piece of evidence during the trial. Johnny responded to the messages asking “why would she [Amber] go to the courthouse with a photo of her that looks like she’s been abused?” to which Heard revealed that it was ‘not her idea’.

“I’ll swear to you this was not her idea nor did she do it willingly or happily. She was told it was her ONLY option to not be kicked out,” she replied.

For those unversed, Depp and Heard had returned to the stands in their blockbuster defamation trial revolving around allegations of spousal abuse.

The case centers on a column written by Heard for a foreign magazine in December 2018 in which she describes herself as a ‘public figure representing domestic abuse’ who was pilloried online after her assault claims.

The actress never names Johnny Depp, who she was married to from 2015 to 2017 — but he sued her for defamation for implying he was an abuser, seeking $50 million in damages.


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