Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Amir Khan announces Rs1 mn donation for dams in Pakistan


British boxer of Pakistani descent Amir Khan has announced a donation of one million rupees for construction of dams in Pakistan.

This announcement was made by the renowned pugilist in a video message. He also promised to donate millions more once he visits Pakistan after his forthcoming fight in the United States.

The government has established ‘Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand Dam Fund’ in pursuit of the instructions of the Supreme Court. The chief justice has passed a short but historic judgment for the construction of both dams while hearing a case against water scarcity.

The fund shall receive donations and contributions from both domestic and international donors, individuals and companies, and the general public has been requested to contribute generously.

“I am here in America training for my next fight. I have seen reports on Facebook, TV and news that people are dying because they are not getting clean and drinking water. Pakistan is on a shortage of water. I am showing my support. I want all the celebrities and high-profile people of Pakistan and local people of Pakistan to show their support. How we can support that is by donating, so I today donate a million rupees,” Amir Khan said.

Underlining importance of water he said, “This is a crisis we are going through and we all need to stick together . Water is something that we take as granted. We go into shower we leave the water on. We drink water and throw it. We wash our cars in water. So, this is taken as granted.”

Requesting all the nation to donate funds for this cause, he promised to donate a lot more once he comes to Pakistan.

“After my fight, I will come to Pakistan and donate a lot, lot more. I wanna you guys to donate as well.

“Let’s get behind Pakistan and build these dams, clean these dams, fix these dams. Insha Allah, we can all be one and fix the problem of water in Pakistan.”

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The government of Pakistan has established the fund to overcome shortage of water and power in the country. The top judge also donated Rs1 million for the cause.

Earlier, the armed forces also announced to contribute for the purpose, as officers would contribute their two-day pay while soldiers will contribute one-day salary.

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