Sunday, July 3, 2022

Amir Khan to hold charity event in Karachi for Tharis


The desert of Thar is deprived of water and its residents have to face extreme drought throughout the year. The welfare organisation of Amir Khan would collect funds at an event through which “Khan wants to bring international boxing to Pakistan”.


“Hi guys! I’m here in Karachi. Tomorrow catch me at Dolmen Mall at 6:30pm. Meet and greet me and also the other boxers. C’ye there,” said Amir Khan on his official social media accounts.

The three-day tour of the World Boxing Council Silver welterweight champion will start on May 31 with a meet-and-greet at a shopping mall, followed by a public workout at the Frere Hall the other day. The main event, featuring eight international boxers, will take place at a local hotel on Thursday.

British High Commissioner Tom Drew has also extended his support for Amir’s charity event.

“Great to have the support of British high commissioner Tom Drew for launch of @amirkhanfoundation in PK ‪#‎AmirKhanTrust,” he wrote on his Facebook account.


The residents of Thar have expressed great delight over this announcement and thanked Amir Khan. A Thari resident, Mama Vishan also invited Khan to visit Thar. “Hospitable people of Thar would be restlessly waiting for his visit.”

Member of a welfare organisation in Thar and environmental expert Dr Sono Khangrani said real issue of Thar was non-availability of water which had caused hundreds of deaths.

“The raining is unreliable in Thar. Usually, low rain occurs in Thar which fills wells and the residents somehow manage to spend their days on it,” he said.


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