Monday, August 8, 2022

Amjad Sabri’s brother appeals Raheel Sharif to arrest killers


Speaking to media this morning, Sabri dismissed media reports about death threats, saying “he was a pious man, he didn’t receive any death threat.”

Amjad Sabri brother talk to media by arynews

He said protecting citizens’ lives was responsibility of the government. ‘You can catch killers of Amjad Sabri, abductors of Sindh chief justice’s son… but who will safeguard millions of other citizens,” he asked.

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He said this government holds responsibility to protect lives each citizen – from the affluent to the poor.

Teary-eyed Sabri said such people were not born daily. Vaccum created after his death is unlikely to fill, he added.

Amjad Sabri, aged around 45, was travelling by car from his home to a television studio, when a motorcycle pulled up alongside the vehicle and the attackers opened fire.

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Sabri was hit by five bullets and was declared dead at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

Grisly mobile phone footage of the scene of the crime shot by an onlooker showed the singer’s head slumped on his right shoulder and a pool of blood on the ground by the driver’s side where he sat.


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