Thursday, August 11, 2022

Amjad Sabri’s son recites famous Naat in his father’s signature style


Amjad Sabri’s son recited Tajdar-e-Haram in memory of his late father along with two brothers in ARY’s program, Hamare Mehman.

In an episode dedicated to the memory and family of the late, great Sufi Qawwal Amjad Sabri, the team of Hamare Mehman decided to break their fasts at the Sabri household.

The holy month of Ramazan called for a special celebration of our faith and resolve which is epitomized by the bereaved family of Shaheed Amjad Sabri who is now survived by his wife, three sons and daughter.

Amjad Farid Sabri a Pakistani qawwal, naat khawan and a proponent of the Sufi Muslim tradition. Son of the legendary ‘Sabri brothers’, Ghulam Farid Sabri And Nephew of Maqbool Ahmed Sabri, he emerged as one of South Asia’s most prominent qawwali singers, often reciting poetry written by his father and uncle.

The children speaking about their father said: “Dad’s memory is always with us but we miss him the most during Ramazan.”

The family which has since shifted to Lahore after the unfortunate incident resulting in the death of their father seemed very happy and at peace in their humble abode.

The late Amjad Sabri’s wife said that the shift in locality is a positive one but she still misses Karachi.

Amjad’s son then recited Sabz Gumbad Walay, a prayer which their father recited a day before his unfortunate demise upon which the atmosphere became quite morose in the remembrance of the departed.

Amjad’s wife remarked that the late Qawwal would’ve been overjoyed seeing his progeny carrying the torch that he and his forefathers lit.


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