Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Do you know the girl in this picture?


Meet Ana, a virtual human being developed by a South Korean company, Krafton, popularly known for the battle royale game PUBG.

Krafton, a video game company from South Korea popularly known for rolling out mass favorites like PUBG and BGMI, has introduced Ana, a meta-human influencer, in the face of the company’s Web3 and metaverse activities.

Speaking about the face from the promo images, Ana has a hyper-realistic human face cut and features and is said to be able to talk, sing, and move like a human being, thanks to mechanics including rigging, deep learning, voice synthesis, and hyperrealism.


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As per Krafton, “ANA is designed to engage a global audience and help establish KRAFTON’s Web 3.0 ecosystem,” which means the AI-based virtual being is aimed as an influencer in the present times and is designed to play a role in the company’s future goals related to ‘next-gen internet’ and associated businesses.

The company said that it has been working ‘internally’ along with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine to create Ana, and thus features the attention to minute detail made in her ‘baby hairs’, ‘fluff on her skin’, ‘movement of the pupil, fine facial muscles and wrinkles’, and ‘the natural joint movement across the entire body’.

“ANA is a hyper-realistic virtual human created by KRAFTON’s unparalleled technology,” elaborated Josh Seokjin Shin, Head of the Creative Center of Krafton. “We expect her to attract the interest and popularity of Gen Z around the world.”

Additionally, ANA will release an original music track and expand her scope of activity as an influencer into various areas across entertainment and esports.


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