Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Government to get legal advice on SC’s verdict on Article 63 (A)


Islamabad: The government parties have assured the PM of their support in making tough economic conditions, and agreed to get legal advice on Article 63 (A), ARY News reported. 

According to details, the Prime Minister call upon a meeting of all Alliant parties after the supreme court’s decision to disallow votes of defected lawmakers in the national assembly. The government has also decided to get legal advice on the SC’s decision about Article 63 (A)

Sources say that all Alliant parties have decided to stand by the government in the upcoming turmoil as the government needs to make tough economic decisions.

The Alliant parties also decided to complete all electoral reforms as soon as possible in case of an early election, sources say.

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All the alliance parties assured PM Shehbaz Shareef of complete support in making the tough economic decisions including increasing fuel prices and the possible political turmoil in Punjab after the Election Commission of Pakistan’s decision on May 18, 2022.

Earlier, the SC had announced its verdict on the interpretation of Article 63 (A), announcing that defective votes will not be counted in the parliament.

The decision was made with a majority of 3-2, Justice Jamal Mandokhel and Justice Nazeer Alam dissented from the decision. The Chief Justice said that changing loyalties in the parliament damages the integrity of democracy.


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