Wednesday, August 17, 2022

BIZARRE!!! People spend Rs2.5m only to disturb man sleeping on live stream


You hear about people coming to money overnight with the most bizarre of events turning their lives upside down but in these events you still see the role of luck with a pinch of some dare or risk-taking… but have you heard of a man who made Rs2.5 million, just by sleeping?

But one man has done this. He earned more than Rs2.5 million in less than a day by doing something that is quite the opposite of risking anything or diligence.

A Twitch streamer has earned $16,000 in just eight hours by streaming his sleep time and allowing viewers to wake him up.

Before we get into the details of the story, it’s important to know that Twitch is a live streaming service that is designed for streaming games. However, one Andy found a creative way to use the application and make some easy money on the side.

The 26-year-old let his viewers donate money to send sounds and text-to-speech messages during the live stream. Although ‘Asian Andy’ couldn’t get much sleep during the live stream, he notched up a staggering sum of money by just tossing and turning in his bed.

The agenda for the live stream was straightforward and simple. Andy would sleep and his audience would try to wake him up by sending sounds and messages.

During the session, many users poked fun at Andy by telling him someone was at the window next to him. But Andy didn’t bother to pay much attention and remained cuddled up to his dog.

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Andy, who has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube, posted a video on the video-sharing platform saying: “I’m just trying to sleep. You’re gonna scare the viewers. Because I’m just going to be asleep anyway. I won’t know what’s going on. The door’s locked.”

At the end of the video, he expresses his shock after learning the amount of money his viewers had donated just to disturb his sleep.

“You guys aren’t gonna believe this. Thank you, holy **** bro. $16,000, holy ****. o, holy ****. Thank you so much. I used to drive a cab for $16 an hour,” Andy said after his live stream ended.

Last year, a gamer on Twitch fell asleep during a streaming session and woke up to 200 viewers who watched him snore with his mouth open.


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