Saturday, October 1, 2022

Angry mob burns alive two suspects in Lahore; desecrates bodies


According to details, suicide bombers shed innocent blood at two Lahore churches by blowing themselves up, while another bloody show was sighted soon after the incident, when enraged protesters collared two suspected attackers and started thrashing them savagely.

The police tried to free the suspects, but in vain. Angry mobsters did not cool down even after beating the hell out of the two men and burnt them alive.

The incensed mob seemed to stop at nothing and kept on dragging the dead bodies on roads for six hours and later handed them over to rescue members after reaching the Metro Bus terminal.


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Police spokeswoman Nabila Ghazanfar confirmed that two people were beaten to death by protesters who took to the streets after the blasts.

“The angry mob protesting after the blast beat to death two people whom they suspected of being associates of the attackers”, she told.

On one side, the enemies of peace wrecked havoc inside the churches, while on the other the ones seeking peace set an example of sheer brutality themselves.


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