Thursday, August 11, 2022

Another Indian MiG-27 fighter jet crashes in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur


NEW DELHI: India has lost its another aircraft as one more MiG-27 UPG fighter jet of Indian Air Force (IAF) crashed in Sirohi city of Rajasthan on Sunday morning, Indian media reported.

According to reports, the fighter jet was on a routine mission from Jodhpur which was crashed in Sirohi, about 180 kilometres away, NDTV reported.

The pilot has ejected safely. The pilot reported an engine problem and ejected at around 11:45 am in Godana near Sheoganj in Sirohi, about 120 km south of Jodhpur, the report said.

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On March 8, Indian Air Force (IAF)’s Soviet-era ground-attack aircraft MiG-21 had crashed in Rajasthan’s Bikaner during a ‘routine mission’.

According to Indian media reports, the plane that took off from Nal near Bikaner crashed after being hit by a bird, whereas the pilot ejected himself safely.

India has lost at least 8 war planes in the past one month, two of them were shot down by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in a recent engagement and a pilot Abhinandan was also taken into the custody.

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On February 27, former Indian air force (IAF)’s official Ram Parkash had confirmed that India had lost two MiG 21 jets and three of its pilots.

“We have lost our two jets and three pilots,” Parkash wrote in his tweet.

He further said in his tweet that the morale of the IAF was down and out after the heavy loss.


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