Thursday, August 11, 2022

Sexual harassment accused allegedly shoots dead victim’s father after bail


UTTAR PRADESH: An appalling video has emerged from a UP district where a girl begs authorities for justice soon after her father was allegedly shot dead by the sexual harassment accused against whom the deceased had moved police.

The video has gone viral on Twitter where a girl has accused the person, who had earlier sexually harassed her as a result of which her father complained to the police and had him arrested, of killing her father soon after he came out on bail.

“Please give me justice… please give me justice. First, he molested me and now he has shot my father. He had come to our village. There were six-seven people. My father had no enmity against anyone. His name is Gaurav Sharma,” she cries in front of the cameras.

According to the local media reports, the accused Gaurav Sharma had been jailed for a month in 2018 after a molestation case was filed against him by the woman’s father. He was granted bail by a local court after a month.

An Indian news agency tweeted: “A man was shot dead by another man against whom the former had filed a case of molestation in July 2018, in a village in Sasni area yesterday. FIR registered against 4 named accused, 2 of whom have been arrested.”
Police said that Sharma’s wife and aunt and both the daughters of the deceased had gone to a temple where they argued over the old case. Following the argument between the parties, Sharma and the man (deceased) approached and had a scuffle which entailed shooting wherein the latter conceded bullet and died while being taken to hospital.
“Teams formed to nab the accused and accomplices,” said police


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