Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Approver says he whitened Suleman’s Rs600m of ill-gotten money


LAHORE: Muhammad Mushtaq alias Chini, one of the approvers in a money laundering case against PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif and his family, has revealed that Suleman Shehbaz used his account to whiten a whopping Rs600 million of ill-gotten money.

In a statement recorded before a court, he said Abdul Qayyum and his son Qasim Qayyum made transactions worth Rs600 million in his bank account through fake telegraphic transfers (TTs). He said he handed over Rs600 million cash to Qasim Qayyum who made fake TTs in his account, showing that the amount was transferred from abroad in his account.

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Back in 2014, Chini said he was used to whiten Suleman Shehbaz’s black money. He was asked to help whiten Rs600 million of Suleman. When he said it was impossible for him, he was told that his account would only be used for the purpose.

He said he allowed them to use his account for the purpose due to old business ties and greed.

The approver disclosed that Rs214 million worth of telegraphic transfers were made through accounts of his company in early 2014. Later in the same year, telegraphic transfers Rs293 million were made in the account of Mushtaq and Co.

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He said he handed over the cheques of the same amounts to Muhammad Usman, chief financial officer of the Shehbaz family.

Moreover, Mushtaq said Rs100 million were transferred into his account from Waqar Trading Company and he handed over a cheque of the same amount to Usman. Suleman Shehbaz got prepared fake loan agreements of all these transactions, which showed that he got Rs600 million loan. Later, Suleman made Rs100 million transactions in Chini’s account as loan return, he added.

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