Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ariel grabs attention in Ariel ARY Feast with its immersive activities


On a chilly winter evening, at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park in Karachi, one of Pakistan’s most bought and consumed washing powder, Ariel showcased a grand set-up at the first ever ARY Feast! The set-up was so big that it could be seen clearly from the bird’s eye vision through a drone.ARY FEASTAriel ARY Feast happened to be arguably the biggest food festival Karachi ever hosted, with more than 100,000 people coming to the event in four days, from 22nd to 25th December. The festival not only offered more than fifty eateries, but it also had a plethora of fun activities for kids and adults alike, including rides, hi-tech games, and concerts.

The four-day event was a massive festival with a large number of people showing up with their families. Despite being the heaven for foodies, the stall that stole the limelight for all four days appeared to be Ariel.



Continuing its legacy, Ariel came up with an unprecedented initiative by conducting an activity entitled, the “One Wash Challenge”.

The set-up had two tables having huge water guns. These guns were filled with Ink, juice, Nihari, Chutney, and Ketchup. Next up was a board in front of each table that had colored pieces of cloth attached to it. Registered participants were supposed to choose a water gun to stain one of those pieces of cloth.


Once the cloth was stained, the participant would take the stained pieces to another table where an Ariel representative would demonstrate the cleaning power of Ariel vs. an expensive detergent. Both pieces were put in 2 jars, one of Ariel and the other with expensive detergent. The jars were shaken for 10 seconds. The piece of cloth that was soaked in Ariel came out to be miraculously clean and tidy, while the other piece washed with an expensive detergent failed to clean it thoroughly.  All the women were then asked about their feedback of the demonstration, followed by a free pack of Ariel.


In spite of it being a four-day-long event, the entire Ariel team was so motivated and doted on the activity; each representative was all smiles talking to every woman who came for the demo and we absolutely admire team Ariel for this.

Have a look into Ariel’s One Wash Challenge below.

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