Thursday, June 30, 2022

Armed gang steals $15 million in airport heist


SANTIAGO: Heavily armed thieves stole around $15 million from an armored security truck at Chile’s Santiago airport on Monday, one of the biggest heists in the country’s history.

The gang arrived in the airport’s cargo area aboard two vehicles, police colonel Oscar Figueroa told reporters.

“Once inside, they threatened the guards before making off with the money,” he said.

The five thieves were armed with rifles and pistols, police said.

Police prefect Jorge Sanchez said the booty consisted of $14 million and one million euros.

In 2017, a gang stole a cash shipment worth $19 million from the offices of a transport company just outside Santiago.

The Chilean capital’s airport was already the target of a spectacular raid in 2014 worth $10 million that became known locally as the “theft of the century.”


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