Wednesday, September 28, 2022

‘I’m liberal, feminist, woke’: Armeena Khan blasts moral police


Pakistan’s film and TV actor, Armeena Rana Khan lashed out at the moral police for criticizing her recent statement.

Taking to her stories on the photo and video sharing social application, the ‘Janaan’ star shared a bunch of screengrabs for nasty comments on her posts by the moral brigade who decided to troll her after her latest statement.


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In response to a victim-blaming comment (which she clarified was not written for her), Khan penned, “Even iblees has minions, and so it is with all evil. This is an example of a dark soul, who enables misogyny to remain.”

“Imagine, if something happened to her own future daughter or a member of her family.”armeenaShe further wrote with reference to a recent viral video, “We’ve only just seen a viral video of a burka-clad woman groped in the street and the man in question remains at large. I doubt this is anything to do with clothing but more with mindsets.”

Addressing another comment by a social user who blamed women for not ‘covering’ themselves enough, the actor questioned, “As a Muslim why are you on Instagram? I don’t understand.”armeena “For example, if you don’t drink, why are you in a pub? If you are so Islamic, get off this non-Muslim owned enterprise if it so offends you so and go be a “proper” Muslim,” she wrote further. “The truth is most of you are just cultists and demand rights you deny others.”

Moreover, terming herself as a ‘liberal, woke feminist’, Khan noted in a detailed statement that being a ‘constructive, tolerant and contributing’ member of society, she has all the right to put out her opinions, while others are free to choose whether or not to consume it.armeena khan In her conclusion, Armeena Rana Khan penned, “My views are in accordance with global principles and values. I am also VERY vocal on social causes so if this unpalatable then I’m afraid you’ll find this space extremely hostile. I’m sure you can look elsewhere to find individuals catering to your specific world view.”


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