Monday, November 29, 2021

VIDEO : Armeena Khan stands up against cyber bullying


Armeena Khan stands up against cyber bullying

In her latest Instagram post she put together a collage of abusive comments and insults by her followers asking

“Why is it that the Pakistani female actresses are subjected to this poison?”

“Why is it that Pakistani females wish to attack Pakistani actresses in such a vicious manner?”

“Guess what, I too have BAD days. I am a person with real feelings. I work hard.”

“I understand that I signed up for criticism when I became an actress but nowhere did I sign up for abuse.”

“You are welcome to critique our work in a polite manner but I won’t allow you to question my religion, my morals OR my freedom to choose.”

“I am not focusing only on the negative. I am fighting for what’s right. I urge you to think before you hit that “send” button.”

More power to all the women who stand against bullying!

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