Monday, August 15, 2022

Arrested target killers confess to killing of lawyers


According to details, Rangers carried out an operation in Bahadurabad area of the metropolis and took two target killers named Kashif Qadar alias Kashif Tinda and Junaid Iqbal alias Bota.

Rangers spokesperson said that the arrested hitmen are affiliated with a militant wing of a political party.

The spokesperson said that the nabbed target killers have confessed to carrying out target killings of lawyers and collecting extortion.

“They shot dead Advocate Sohail Anjum Ansarni at Tipu Sultan Road on 17th March 2010 and gunned down Advocate Waheed Ahmed Qureshi on 1st November 2011,” the spokesman said.

“The hitmen were also involved in the killings which took place on 12 May 2007,” he added.

The para-military force added that they have also confessed of killing six Sunni Tehreek activists and also being involved in the burning of lawyers alive in City Court in April 2008.


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